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Spam Safe E-mail Link Generator

Protect your e-mail address from spam harvestors!

If you have placed your email address anywhere on a web page you can assume that spam harvestors will find it and abuse it. The only way to fully protect your email address from spammers would be to never publish it online at all. Since that doesn't help your customers to reach you, you need another solution to this very real problem. This is where the "Spam Safe E-mail Link Generator" comes in.

This "Spam Safe E-mail Link Generator" will generate mailto: links you can copy and paste into your web pages and emails. The Link Generator uses an encoding scheme designed to cloak email addresses from spammer's email harvesting robots, yet be visible and readable for your site visitors.  

Note:    Using the Anti-Spam Encoding function is no guarantee that spammers' email harvesting robots won't harvest your email address. Their robots are likely to get smarter and smarter in order to circumvent obfuscation attempts.

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Generated Links: The "Generated HTML Link" can be copied and pasted into your HTML web page or HTML email. The "Generated Plain Text Link" can be used in your plain text email.

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