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You can now deliver hi-resolution images from virtually any web site, with NO SLOW DOWNLOAD TIMES! SteadmanTech can help take your online images to a whole new level showing more detail than you may have ever thought possible.

These images are interactive and impressive. Through a very intuitive interface your site visitors can zoom in on the on-screen image to see the finest details. All without any special software or plug-ins and, most importantly, NO slow downloads. This level of image detail can change the way you think about your web site and lends itself to many applications such as:

  • High resolution product images
  • Detailed real estate site views
  • Detailed electronics/components
  • Hi-res scanned documents
  • Much, much more... contact SteadmanTech for more information!

The interactive image viewers are all customizable, offering features such as slide shows, thumbnail navigation bars, navigator windows (see the Lourdes Tower or Treo images), hotspots, labels and much more.The level of detail achievable with this imaging process is limited only by the size and quality of your original source image.

The baseball composite image shown to the left originated from a 140MB image file. Simply click on the baseball image to zoom in, or use the toolbar provided at the bottom edge of the image window. The four additional sample images provided below were all generated from source images ranging in size from 50MB - 75MB.

The same process can be applied to source images multiple gigabytes in size. The end result will still maintain a streamlined end user experience free from lengthy image download times.

For more information about online hi-resolution image delivery, contact SteadmanTech.

View these images in hi-resolution right now! Click on an image to open its viewer.

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